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Car rental and transfers in Italy with best conditions by Naniko

By virtue of a certain weariness, associated with the flight or a long trip, travelers are increasingly prefer to have a guaranteed means of moving immediately upon arrival at the airport or train station of a city, and not to stand in queues while waiting for public transport or taxi.

In this case, the ideal is an auto rental and transfers in Italy, proposed by Naniko that allowing serene and safe travel with the maximum comfort anywhere in Italy and Europe. Thanks to experienced drivers and a variety of services there are available transfers to any distance and destination.

Our integrated car renting and shuttle services in Italy from Naniko available around the clock and ensure competence and punctuality!

Transfer to / from the airports in Italy can be ordered via our convenient online reservation system or by contacting by phone.

At your discretion, for pleasure or business, you can order a car of any parameters and capacities, from the economy and up to a limousine.

Our goal is not just limited service of transfer the client to the destination, but the provision of service of high-end whether a transfer or a wider range of services, ensuring reliability and punctuality of your trip.

The versatility of the services you can order:

Transfers for business travelers who need immediate delivery from the airport to business meetings at any address. At the same time being able to relax, knowing that you will be delivered with the utmost punctuality.

Transfer may also be accompanied by a plan and the possibility of visiting the most beautiful tourist destinations and resorts on the coast of Italy, by organizing a custom tour and then the timely transfer to the airport or train station.

Also available a shuttle service over long distances in a comfortable and equipped with all the necessary vehicles, with DVD-player, air conditioning and other amenities.

Let Naniko take care of your travel with the help of auto hire and shuttle service in Italy!

Business people can relax and do not worry about the operational delivery at the meeting or conference, even if in a short time you need to get a lot and not be late for your flight departure.

We can offer a shuttle service to various sporting events for the movement of individual athletes or sports teams transport.

Upon successful cooperation with companies, manufacturers and trade fashion houses, we provide services for visiting the prestigious shopping centers.
And also in the presence of stable contacts with large travel agencies we can contribute to the organization of tours, reservations of prestigious and elegant hotels, providing our customers with high efficiency and professionalism.