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Car rent in the short term in Italy with best rates by Naniko

Today everyone knows that art and history have long been synonymous with Italy, more than forty Italian monuments listed as World Heritage. Here, everywhere you can see the historic towns of incomparable beauty, not to mention the world-class museums, as the Uffizi Gallery in Florence or Capitoline Museum in Rome. But not only for these is attractive Italia. Being here is almost impossible to resist the temptation to spend time on the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic, the Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Ligurian Sea, or on the magnificent Sardinia.

Planning a trip to the Italian peninsula, you can choose different ways to arrive here, be it plane, train or car. But to move within the territory, no matter what are your goals and destination, undisputed priority has a service of rent a car for a short period in Italy, given the convenient network of motorways and expressways throughout the country.

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When short-term rentals, you can get the service for a period of between one day and up to 11 months, both for the passenger car and a minibus.

You are protected from such costs as an investment in the maintenance of the vehicle, immobilization of capital for car parking or other administrative expenses.

Simultaneously you get the highest level of service to meet the needs of your movements.

Made an order, you get immediate delivery and speed in the procedure of registration of documents.

High technical data and contents of vehicles in perfect order are our fundamental principles of safety and comfortable travel of customers.

All prices are given with the already included taxes and a full car insurance from leading insurance companies.

You get immediate help in case of traffic problems, and the replacement in the event of failure of the vehicle.

Enjoy all the benefits of short-term vehicle renting in Italy from Naniko!

Highly effective work of our service center will ensure you with access to any information.

In Italy, during the year you can take part in exhibitions and events of different subjects. Art lovers also get the possibility to enjoy of a never-ending list of international festival of contemporary art, music and other, like Puccini Festival in Torre del Lago or in Spoleto, and the opera season at La Scala in Milan or concerts at the Arena in Verona – the dream of anyone who visits this great country of art and history.