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Car Hire and additional services in Italy from worldwide company Naniko

Italy is a country which has a special magic, able to captivate and excite delight at every turn. There is a huge list of places that everyone would like to visit in this country, from the ruins of ancient Rome, and up to breathtaking landscapes of Dolomites, all providing unique and extraordinary feeling of contact with something very wonderful and unforgettable. Luxury resorts in the Alps enable a nice weekend and skiing, in the magnificent Venice you can have a trip on a gondola, see the masterpieces of art in famous museums and, of course, to visit Milan and its trendy designer boutiques.

In any case, whatever your reason for visiting Italy, your trip will be most successful if you use car rental and additional services in Italy, which can be found at For long-term experience on international market, the company has developed a system of services to meet all customer needs, for their maximum comfort.

Select rent a car and additional services in Italy from Naniko, to make your trip more enjoyable and relaxing!

If you schedule a long journey, covering different regions of the country, you have the option to take advantage of additional driver to share with friends driving experience in Italy, and also relax and enjoy the ride better.

Option of Full tank prepaid in the fuel policy we offer for greater flexibility for our services. Getting a car with a full reservoir of fuel at the beginning of the lease, you do not have immediately worry about where and how to refuel, and begin your journey without delay.

While traveling on unfamiliar roads and complicated motorway network, you can be sure always able to find the right and most effective way with using the perfect guide – GPS navigator.
Using the latest technology in the field of satellite navigation, Naniko provides navigators with updated maps and information in real time along the chosen route.

Among the services already included in the price you get a comprehensive insurance and all local taxes. Our insurance allows you to ride with the added peace of mind, without having to pay anything extra in case of damage or theft of the vehicle.

Discover all the charm of the country with the vehicle renting and auxiliary accessories in Italy from Naniko!

If your trip to Italy is during the winter period to ensure a safe trip, Naniko provides a range of accessories that will easily permit to move and not worry about unfavorable weather conditions:

Winter tires and snow chains provide greater safety by providing better grip on snow-covered paths and reduce braking distances on wet roads.