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Long term rent a car in Italy by worldwide company Naniko

Italy is a fascinating mix of modern and ancient worlds, everything bright and amazingly beautiful, that is possible to imagine. Italy is that magic of feelings and sensations, excited delight and charm at every turn. From the remains of ancient Rome and to the sensational Dolomite mountain range, variety and colors are the most appropriate definition of Italy. You can ski on luxury alpine resort, get a gondola promenade on the canals of Venice, marvel the frescoes of the Sistine Chapel, or just relax on the gorgeous beaches.

But furthermore this is a country of wide opportunities for business. and each year millions of not only tourists, but also business people visit the country, and especially Milan, which is a pulsating center of fashion and commerce. Naniko offers auto rental in the long term throughout Italy, including Milan, Naples, Rome, Florence and others. This is an unique opportunity of mobility with a win-win conditions.

Select the freedom and comfort by Naniko – long term auto hire in Italy, for all your movements!

Rent for a long terms with Naniko is a cost-effective solution of mobility, with a flexible and transparent system of fixed payments, allows you to plan the costs related with the maintenance of the vehicle.

The system of services including insurance, taxes, maintenance and fleet management, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, replacement of vehicle and tires, road assistance and more.

With minimal cost you get the maximum advantages of having an exclusive car always in perfect condition.

The period of long period lease can be from 12 to 60 months with a possible extension or a new contract and guarantees the mobility of customers in all its movements.

Change your mentality together with Naniko – get the comfort of movement without buying the car, just with the vehicle rental for the long term in Italy!

During the term of the contract we provide the services in a network of authorized service centers.

Full coverage also includes the overall management of claims, management of complaints, claims for damages, etc. For more information about insurance packages can consult with our experts.

In case of unforeseen problems of serviceability of the car, you can always rely on the provision of a replacement for the period of repair of your auto. If a supplementary agreement also provided a useful opportunity to have one or more vehicles, while waiting for the arrival of the ordered vehicles.

At the end of the rental period you will not have to worry about selling the used vehicle, while we will arrange this task.