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One-way auto rental in Italy at the best prices from Naniko

World of auto hire, like most areas of today life, are constantly filled with words and terms, often taken from the English language, which is not always easy to understand at a glance. These terms are used for brief view and always imply a particular specific services, but without accurate knowledge may seem suspicious and be misinterpreted as a type of hidden cost.

For example, the term One Way is a rental of car, in which receiving and return points of the vehicle may vary. This method is very convenient for those who are not planning to return to the starting point of their journey. If your trip runs along the line, rather than a circular route, use the car rental of one way in Italy, provided by the company Naniko. You can use the service at both domestic and international routes, which means that in the first case, reception and return of the same machine at two different points in the same country, and in the second case – in two different countries.

Make easy and comfortable your trip via one way auto hire in Italy at the best rates from Naniko!

As practice shows, one-side version of the rent is more common within the same country, but with the numerous offices around the world, Naniko able to provide this service to international destinations.

For example, imagine that you have arrived in Milan and took the car, drove toward Florence, with no intention to return to Milan. Making sure that we have offices in Florence and any other point on your route, you can safely use the option of One way.

After filling out the application form on our website and entering destinations, you will find information and options available under this scheme.

Our service center is available around the clock, where our professional operators will explain any question, if you still have any doubt or need advice from our consultants.

A wide range of vehicles in our fleet can be suitable for any style and purpose of your trip, whether it’s compact and fuel-efficient vehicles or minivans and roomy SUVs or luxury cars of high class.

The ideal service for your comfort by Naniko – one-way vehicle rental in Italy at competitive prices!

We offer unlimited mileage and technical assistance in the event of problems, you just connect to the nearest office of our company or our operators who will provide you with the necessary information.

If desired, also a trip to the neighboring country, you can easily cross the border of another country, having in disposition a special written permission from the company, which is necessary to obtain initially at registration of the contract.