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Rent a car in Austria. Best prices of car rental from Naniko

Austria is recognized by most tourists as an ideal place for any type of holiday. Disposed in the heart of Europe, the country has an amazing nature and inexhaustible artistic and cultural heritage of its cities. Alpine resorts in Austria give an excellent opportunity for ski and winter sports or just walking in the mountains with stops in mountain villages, with tasting of local dishes and wines.

Although the country is small in its dimensions, for moving between the various Austrian cities and interesting localities is recommended to use a auto rental in Austria. Representative offices of Naniko provide the best service throughout Austria, giving you the freedom and flexibility of movement. From Vienna, you can travel to Salzburg, the city where it seems the music sounds from every corner, passing through Innsbruck and Graz, also through the Austrian provinces with beautiful sceneries and ancient monasteries.

Welcome to – auto hire in Austria for your ideal travel with reasonable prices!

The range of our fleet is great and will provide you with a car that best suits your travel style and needs. Small cars for urban movements, reliable off-road for mountain roads, cars of executive class for your business meetings and roomy minivans for group or family travel.

You can always find exceptional prices, with comprised fees of insurance and all taxes, and periodic special offers and attractive discounts.

Our auxiliary services are designed to create for you additional comfort and safety. So, using our navigators of the latest models, with updated maps you will always be on the right track.
It is very important when traveling in winter in Austria to have in disposition the accessories for the winter season, which allow you to navigate safely, even under adverse weather conditions.

Winter tires we provide respectively to the season, and snow chains must be ordered or during the car reservations, or directly at our office. Both of these accessories provides better traction on snowy or icy surfaces.

For those who decide to spend a weekend skiing in the Alps, it is a very useful such tool as ski racks, with which you can comfortably carry several pairs of skis and even combine with a snowboard.

Get the maximum pleasure with a well-organized trip via vehicle renting in Austria from Naniko!

Austria occupies a central position in Europe and is bordered by several countries. Most of the country is covered by mountains of varying heights. Alps are characterized by high peaks and glaciers, as well as by colorful and spectacular meadows and mountain lakes. Attersee – the largest alpine lake and Grossglockner is a highest mountain at 3,800 meters.
The eastern part of Austria covered the hills and plains, and is crossed by the Danube River.

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