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Rent a car at the airport of Verona. Best car rental from Naniko

Verona, placed on the river Adige, thirty kilometers from Lake Garda, is amongst the few cities in Italy, which can trace each step of its history with surviving attractions.
Verona has been inhabited since prehistoric times, but no one knows exactly who were the founders, as people settled here had always found the existing settlements.
If you have a desire to organize your trip to Verona with comfort, the most indispensable option would be to rent a car at the airport of Verona, thanks to the services offered by Naniko.

Discover the unlimited possibilities of travel by a auto hire in Villafranca airport of Verona by Naniko!

When planning your trip, if your route passes through different places, use one of the features of our system. You can get your car at the airport and return it at any other offices of Naniko. Accordingly, your movement will not be restricted.

Our services include unlimited mileage and road assistance in unforeseen failures, and in the prices already considered insurance and taxes.

On your request will be provided the additional accessories, such as a child seat, GPS, ski racks and snow chains, and more.

At the contract signing or when booking online, you can specify additional drivers, who must also attend in person when taking the car, presenting the necessary documents.

If your driver’s license not issued in other language than the Latin alphabet, for example, in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese, you must have the one of international standard.

For receiving the car with the passport and driving license, you need to have also a voucher of reservation, which shows details about your order.

Start your convenient way with car hire from the airport of Verona at low prices by Naniko!

Villafranca Airport named after the Latin poet Vallerio Catullo and disposed 12 kilometers from Verona, in the province of Dossobuono. Hence, easy accessibility from many centers like Mantua, Rovigo, Vicenza, Trento and Bolzano.
From Villafranca carried out numerous international and domestic flights, and by the number of passengers it is among the leading airports in the country. By the regulations adopted by the European Community, the airport has created all necessary conditions for comfortable movement of passengers with disabilities.
Here are also served many charter and cargo flights, and there are offices of many airlines. In addition, here is presented the full range of the required high standards of service, allowing travelers to feel comfortable.
The airport is connected by motorways A4 and A22 with Brescia.

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