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The low cost car rental in Malaga. Discover the best Rent a car with Naniko

This sunny region of the Iberian Peninsula – Andalusia has its own special charm and is the cradle of Moorish culture. Malaga is the perfect place, where in addition to the fantastic blue sea and beautiful beaches, it is eventual to admire the unique architectural heritage, ranging from Roman times and up to the Gothic cathedral, the castle of Gibralfaro, quarters of the Baroque and other monuments.

The natural desire of every visitor of these places is the chance to see and do maximum as possible, it is easy to implement with the help of car for rent in Malaga, with using of which you will be able in a short period to cover a variety of routes, not to strain due to schedules of public transportation. In the vicinity of Antequera, you can visit the caves, which were inhabited in prehistoric times or the beautiful village of Casares.

The advantage of auto rent in Malaga is undeniable thanks to the ideal system of services and lower prices from Naniko!

Naniko offers a variety of packages, in the range of which you can select the option most suitable to your needs: rent in the short or long term, one way rental, corporate leasing, and more.

Basic insurance and local taxes are already comprised in our prices and rates provided initially will not change, as there are no hidden costs.

In our cars, you can also leave the country of rent. Such an opportunity we can give thanks to the presence of offices in many countries.

In the range of additional services you will find car seats for babies and children for the safety of your child, navigators of different models, snow chains and winter accessories and luggage baskets and more.

Do not miss the opportunity to share the pleasure of driving with your fellow travelers, when you make a contract specifying additional drivers. It should take into account that the second driver will receive all the same obligations and rights as main.

Get the most from the admirable beaches of Marbella moving in the comfort of vehicle rented in Malaga from Naniko!

In Andalusia you can also visit towns such as Seville, Granada, Cordoba, which in their turn are the keepers of the great heritage of humanity. Here you can see different places and monuments of the period of Arab rule. The appeal of the picturesque views of the area of Santa Cruz and the kind of huge Gothic cathedral that is the largest in Spain, Granada with the renowned Alhambra, Generalife, the Cathedral and the grave where buried Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon.

Savor all the delights of Andalusia you be able to better with your car, which will provide you with greater freedom of movement.

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