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Car Rental in Batumi International Airport. The right information for rent a car with Naniko

Batumi is disposed about 350 kilometers from the Georgian capital and takes about an hour of flight or 5-6 hours by car, depending on the load line. This unique in its kind city is the center of Adjara region and placed on the Black Sea littoral, near the Turkish border and appears as a popular seaside resort, thanks to the subtropical climate. Batumi International Airport, which is in the immediate vicinity in two kilometers from the city give the easy access here. Due to the close proximity, just twenty kilometers from the Turkish town of Hopa, the airport is strongly in demand for flights to the north-eastern part of Turkey.
Using efficient services of auto rent in Batumi airport, proposed by the company Naniko, you will be able in complete freedom and security move in any direction, for the opening of the Georgian region of Adjara and also the  neighboring areas. Batumi offers a great abundance of places to visit, among which are the statue of the Medea, the personage of mythical story about the Golden Fleece and Argonauts and the ancient Colchis.

Create your great vacation on the Black Sea coast with services of auto rental at Batumi airport from Naniko!

Completing a booking via our website you receive as a confirmation of the reservation voucher which must be carried in the moment of the vehicle pick up.

In this voucher given details such as the model and brand of your chosen car, your personal data, and other things, but we must note that the voucher is not a substitute for the lease, which is made directly in our office.

Our prices are provided to you initially will not change for you and include all local taxes and the cost of auto insurance. We have no any hidden costs.

Terms of the fuel policy are regulated depending on the option you choose from the list of proposed options: full – full, full – empty or more.

A wide spectrum of assistive devices provided to you for convenience and security. Among them you can choose winter accessories, navigators, children’s car seats and more.

The most diverse group of vehicles offered in our fleet, ranging from the  category of economical cars to luxury models.

Get the millage without restrictions and other benefits on vehicle rental at Batumi airport from the company Naniko!

Advanced and modern Batumi airport, as already noted, is strategically located near the city and also the neighboring Turkey, what creates the wide demand for it. In the airport terminal travelers can take advantage of all the services of international standards. Thanks to the excellent car rental service, you can easily reach many attractions of the city and the region as a whole.

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