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Kutaisi is the second largest city of Georgia and in different periods of history shared with the current

country’s capital of Tbilisi the status of the center of country, and from the times of the Golden Fleece was the capital of Western Georgia, or of the ancient Colchis. In recent years, increasing of the relevance of the city is also connected with the fact of moving the Georgian parliament to Kutaisi, for which were done the global works of reconstruction of roads, buildings, parks and monuments, in consequence of which the city got a renowned appearance. Here are the most important historical monuments such as the Cathedral of Bagrati, Gelati Monastery and others, which are linked in the World Heritage list.

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During your travel to Kutaisi there are places that are definitely need to visit, in the range of which are the magnificent Bagrati Cathedral, situated just 30 minutes walk from the main square and the Gelati Monastery, from where you can enjoy stunning views of the city and the landscapes of the river Rioni.

In the city you can see the statue of King David who united Georgia and admire the amazing fountain on the main square. Prometheus Caves, which are on the outskirts of the city, providing an incredible sight of centuries-old stalactites.

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