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Serbia is a great country that offers many opportunities to visitors. Here you can relax in the summer in the spa resorts, and in winter to ski on the famous slopes. The presence of the mild climate creates favorable conditions for fishing and hunting. Serbia is also rich in historical sites. In short, here you can find everything, whatever your preference, and the most attractive fact is the low cost of services.

You also have a great opportunity to save more, while not denying yourself the pleasure to see more in comfortably way, using the services of auto renting in Serbia, pre-booked on Our well-organized system gives our customers an access to a variety of service packages and turns your journey into pure pleasure.

Plan your route completely independently thanks to the services of auto rental in Serbia by Naniko!

Once completed your booking, you will always be able to make correction to your order or even annul it two days before of car receiving.

We provide our customers with exclusive prices and periodic discounts. Our prices include taxes, car insurance, unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance in case of unforeseen problems.
When receiving a car you must have a credit card, a driver’s license and passport. In addition, we must note that if your license in a language other than the Latin alphabet, you should also have a document of an international standard.
As in most cases for rental there are age limits, the minimum age is 21 years, and the maximum – 75.

If your plans also include a trip to the neighboring countries, then we hasten to inform you that in our cars you will also be able to cross the border of the country with a special document from our company.

Enjoy comfortable travel at low rates from Naniko on vehicle rented in Serbia!

Driving in Serbia is pleasant and full of attractive alternatives practice. In planning your route, do not miss the chance to visit the protected natural areas and reserves, also some of the most beautiful monasteries in Europe.
In the valley of the rivers Ibar and Ras, which stretches from south of Kraljevo, was born the medieval Serbian state. Exactly in this valley, you can find the most valuable medieval monasteries. Very exciting is the route that follows the path of the flow of the Danube, crossing the different geographical regions, historical and cultural places of the country. From the Pannonian plain to the north to Djerdap, placed the largest river gorge, just a view of which encourages and inspires for new discoveries. Serbia opens to the eyes of visitors a perfect balance between nature and culture.

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