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Car rental in the Rome airport, Fiumicino. Rent a car with Naniko

Rome is among the most unique places in the world that anyone has ever wanted to visit. This place exudes the charm of the city of the Dolce Vita, i.e. the sweet life, which we know from the same named film. It is a city where you can travel through the landmarks of the past and, simultaneously to immerse into its cosmopolitan daily life and a plenty of cultural and social events . Here you can enjoy plenty of excellent cuisine, eat ice cream and enjoy the famous cappuccino.

Accordingly of legend, the great city was founded in 753 BC by Romulus, who killed his own twin brother Remus. Placed on seven hills, Rome covers a huge number of historical monuments that tourists want to visit first. Therefore, the most practical way to move is a car rental from at Fiumicino airport, which will allow you to explore on your own all the desired attractions.

Start your journey with a rational solution to car hire from the airport of Rome at competitive prices from Naniko!

The complete cost of the lease is formed according to the type and model of the selected vehicle and rental period.

Our basic services comprised in the price are: Unrestricted mileage and road assistance is available round the clock on all our vehicles. Total auto insurance include protection against the risks, civil liability to third parties, reducing the damage in a collision, reducing the customer’s liability for damages.

The car is available with a full fuel tank and is necessary or reimbursement of its value, or refund the auto with the same fuel quantity.

The supplementary services are provided by additional order of client. Available service of delivery and return the vehicle in the desired location on the notice at the time of booking. Service of professional driver from the company are also available on request if you do not want to drive yourself.

We have the various auxiliary accessories for comfort and reliability, such as snow chains, ski racks, child seats, navigators, and more.

Take full benefits of auto renting in the airport of Fiumicino, provided at the best rates from Naniko!

The airport of Rome Fiumicino takes a leading position and busiest one amongst of all airports in Italy, where the services are of high European level. A record number of passengers reached here is about 36 thousand people a year.

Officially the opening of the airport took place in 1961, with the presence of the two runways. From here one can fly in any direction of the world. It is located 28 km away from the capital. In the comfortable terminals travelers can get all the necessary services.

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