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Car rental in the Rome airport of Ciampino, rent a car at a low prices by Naniko

Today, with the frantic pace of life and an abundance of services, it was possible to hire a car so simple and fast that we often do not even linger on specific issues and arguments in the choice, why cooperation with this or that company is most advantageous for us. But even if you are in hurry to get the desired comfort of movement, obtained from us the information, will only promote your best choice.

First of all, you do not need to worry about buying the car and related financial contributions, taxes, insurance, maintenance costs of car. Especially when traveling, you can simply pre-order online via auto rental at the airport of Rome, allowing you the independence and comfort of your trip.

Find out more details about the benefits of car lease at the airport of Ciampino by Naniko!

By booking from us, you will have your car in the right place and time, just enough to indicate at booking time and place of your arrival.

With an extensive international network of offices, we are able to provide the opportunity to travel on our cars in different cities or even countries, that is, you can get a car in Rome and return in another city. If you wish to cross the frontier of neighboring country you just need to get from us in advance in written permission.

Our primary goal – to provide our customers with a high level of service of mobility, which is the result of years of work and a set of measures designed and based on the needs of the customer.

Our fleet is equipped with a variety of cars of various engine capacity, size, including spacious and special vehicles or light commercial cars.

In order to guarantee the highest quality of service, we conduct special training of our staff to work with international clients and therefore in our company you will always be welcome by friendly staff focused on maximum helping of clients.

The rates provided by us you get already with taken into account all local taxes, car insurance, unlimited mileage and roadside assistance at any time.

For safety and comfort there are provided a wide spectrum of assistive devices available for your order, such as ski holders, child seats, luggage basket, navigators, and more.

Protect your way through an integrated service from Naniko when hire a vehicle at Ciampino airport!

Rome Ciampino Airport is the oldest airport opened in 1916 and successfully operating until today. It was Rome’s main airport before the inaugurating in 1961 of the airport of Leonardo da Vinci.

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