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Romania is not only the state of the former Soviet bloc, as imprinted in the memory of many, but very original, authentic, rich of rural areas country of Europe. Its hilly landscapes with meadows and forests, proudly stretched between the sharp peaks of the Carpathians. Here the majestic river Danube flows into the Black Sea.

As has been confirmed by practice, the most cost-effective solution for moving through the country is an auto rent in Romania. By providing high-quality vehicles and reliable service, the company Naniko with all the professionalism ensure you a pleasant trip to satisfy your need for autonomy and independence from the pre-established schedules and routes of public transport or expenses for taxi.

Travel in comfort and with a wide scope on auto rented in Romania at special rates from Naniko!

Make payment for the ordered services in a manner more advantageous to you by bank transfer or by cash at our offices.

After booking, just within some period you will get your order confirmation voucher, which must be in possession when making the contract of lease.

If you your plans are changed, you can always make adjustments to your order free of charge, two days before the start of the lease.

When pick up the vehicle must provide originals of personal documents – passport and driver’s license as an international standard, if your document is issued not in the Latin alphabet.

Compulsory auto insurance and all local taxes are already included in the given prices, and also at your disposal unlimited mileage from our company.

The presence of numerous rental points in different countries allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to cross the countries borders on our cars.

You do not expected by any hidden costs, the cost of additional services, which also include a navigation system, children’s car chairs, ski holders , luggage baskets and other are always listed separately.

Take note of all the undeniable benefits by Naniko and make the right choice of vehicle rental in Romania!

Romania is covered by immense areas of virgin nature. In the northern of Romania are placed the Carpathian Mounts, occupying approximately a third of the country, and the highest peak – Moldoveanu reaches 2544 meters. There are a lot of coniferous and deciduous forests. Continuing your journey, you can see the beautiful gardens and vineyards, alternating with corn fields.

The country’s populace are mostly of Romanian origin and more than half of them live in urban areas. Romanians can be described as proud, freedom-loving and hospitable people. History and culture of his land predetermined in their character such trait as deep patriotism.

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