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The ideal solutions of car rental in Bucharest. Rent a car with Naniko

Among the most attractive places in Romania, of course, it should be noted its capital Bucharest, which is by far the pride of the nation. The city shows its exceptional ability to present in a unified and harmonious whole highly modernized approach to life and the preservation of its historical roots. Today, it is a modern metropolis, with the frenetic pace of life, full of shops, shopping malls and entertainment centers.

As a rule, the majority of travelers, especially people who come here on business issues, prefer to have in their own possession convenient means of travel, which is the auto rent in Bucharest. For the coup of your business or a pleasant journey, the company Naniko provide its fleet in accordance with convenient services and favorable terms. Our qualified staff will contribute to the rapid reparation of documents and successful cooperation with us.

Discover the world of ease and comfort with the help of auto rental in Bucharest from the company Naniko!

While advance booking on our website may carry on the name of any person, but we must note that at the moment of receiving the car renter must be present in person.

Because of our low prices already take into account the cost of auto insurance and all taxes, you should not expect any hidden costs, we have all stated clearly and transparently.

Before leaving, make sure the accordance in the required documents. So, for example, if your driver’s license issued in a language different from the Latin alphabet, it is necessary to have together with the original also one of international standard.

Among the additional services you can use the additional drivers option, and it is necessary to provide the documents of the second driver, which will also be specified in the lease agreement and will receive the same rights and obligations as the main driver.

Delivery of the car can be ordered at your address. If this is the airport, you must also specify the flight details for us, to have an access to the information in the event of flight delays or cancellations.

In accordance with the season are available winter tires, but accessories such as ski racks, snow chains, additional storage space and another to be ordered at your discretion.

Any additional services can be selected and paid in our office.

From the correctness of your choice of the best services of vehicle rental in Bucharest from the company Naniko depends your great trip!

Bucharest, no doubt, is a multifaceted city that offers a lot of pleasant surprises for travelers able to appreciate its majestic beauty. There are often held regular fairs and a variety of local events, also exhibitions of leading representatives of art.

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