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Portugal, as a coastal state, full of innumerable interesting places to visit and is ideal for people looking for entertainment and fun, also for those who wish to immerse themselves in the study of the local culture and arts. The Portuguese coast is a series of towns and cities with a huge artistic and architectural riches. Among them we should mention the city of Braga, with the fortress, which is considered almost a national symbol, and was constructed in the late tenth centenary to protect locals from pirate raids, which in those days were the greatest horror of the Mediterranean peoples.

For traveling in this country, in order do not miss its splendid natural and artistic beauty, is absolutely the best idea to rent a car in Portugal. Today and now you can without leaving the house, before preparing a luggage for a voyage to the Iberian Peninsula, to visit the site and choose a car that will create for you a complete comfort in your trip.

Organize your trip in the best way with the help of auto rental in Portugal at lowest prices from Naniko!

Select the most suitable for you package; Long-term or short-term rentals, corporate leasing, one way rental, daily or hourly packages and more.

The necessity of presence of the passport, driver’s license and credit card upon receipt of the car is a self-evident fact. But also do not forget to present the voucher of reservation, which shows all the details of your order.

We always try to create the most comfortable services to our customers and to meet their needs. Therefore, we provide the flexibility to select the method of payment via bank transfer or directly at our office by cash or payment card.

Always worth to pay particular attention to the fact how your documents meet the required standards. So, for example, if your license is not issued in Latin, it is necessary to have the one of international standard.

If your plans were somehow changed, please just let us know. For example, in case of delivery of the car at the airport, it is important to know the precise and correct information regarding your flight.

Get the undeniable benefits for vehicle rental in Portugal from an international company Naniko!

In the northern part of Portugal, you can see the fabulous sceneries of granite mountains and crystal clear blue sea. It is also interesting to visit the Ribeira district, with its impressive Roman-medieval architecture, magnificent palaces and majestic Cathedral, where is combines Gothic style with elements of Arabic and Norman architecture. An interesting fact is that the famous Port wine was born in Portugal and you can visit the countless wine bars where you can taste and buy a real port wine.

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