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Rent a car at Malmo – Sturup airport. Discover more about the conditions of car rental by Naniko

Malmo, being the largest municipality of Sweden, is a port city. The region served by the airport of Sturup, where frequent flights are carried out for various domestic destinations, and also to other European countries. Traveling to a country such as Sweden, whether for business purposes or pleasure, you can rent a car from the airport in Malmo and get advantage of the services of the company Naniko, give yourself the opportunity of complete independence and mobility. The most important aspect when choosing a rental services are cheaper rates together with perfect system of high quality services that offer our company.

Get an auto rental from the Malmo airport of Sturup at affordable prices from Naniko!

If you have plans to travel to neighboring countries, it is necessary to specify it when booking, because in our cars you will be able to cross the frontier of the country, with the preliminary approval. Countries in which you intend to travel will be specified in the contract and you will be provided with a notarized authorization from the company to cross the borders with our vehicle.

For a different style of travel you may need additional equipment such as child seats, luggage racks, winter accessories and more which you can specify when booking or order and pay at our offices.

To the customer service Naniko pays a special attention, our staff is always willing to support its customers to resolve any questions.

Changes or annulment can be made free of charge only for 48 hours before taking the car. When you change the period of the lease or model of car, respectively, may change as the total amount of the rental.

Take advantage of periodic discounts and special offers from Naniko for vehicle rental at Malmo airport!

Malmo Airport also known with the name of Sturup is disposed in close proximity to several cities. So, about 28 km separate it from Malmö, 26 km – from Lund and 55 km – from Copenhagen .There is an efficacious transfer from the airport in all these destinations.

Annually here are served about 1.5 million passengers, and therefore the airport of Malmo listed among the five largest airports in Sweden. There are many charter flights. especially from January to June to destinations in southern Europe and Turkey.

Terminal is a quite modern and travelers can get all the necessary services. In the halls you can find 5 various bars, cafes and restaurants and a few shops, including duty-free store.

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