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Madrid is disposed in the core of the Iberian Peninsula, on the Castilian plateau and is the third by its scales city in Europe after London and Berlin. In Madrid is concentrated the vast majority of artistic and cultural heritage of the country. The city is making a significant contribution to the solutions of the EU, especially in the fields of education, politics, art and fashion. It is also amongst the 12 greenest cities in Europe. The beauty of Madrid expressed in a harmonious mix of modern constructions and historic districts, where technological innovation coexist with the traditions, culture and entertainment.

To better immerse yourself into the lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the Spanish capital, it is a very effective to rent a car in Madrid, allowing you to see the most amazing places and sights also in the surrounding area. You can make a trip to an incredibly beautiful town of San Lorenzo del Escorial, and see the stunning fortress, built on the edge of a cliff.

Organize the visit of the great attractions at profitable prices of auto rental in Madrid from the company Naniko!

To get the rented car you need to present personal documents as passport and driving license, with a shelf life of leastways one year.

Also is required a credit card in the tenants name, on which will be blocked the deposit as a guarantee in case of mechanical damage to the car in the lease period. This sum will be fully returned at the end of the lease if the car will be in the original condition.

Methods of payment accepted by your choice, by bank transfer or directly at our offices.

You can always amend your order for free, two days before receiving the car, whether the change of the model of the car, adding any additional services or adjustment of the rental period.

Additional services, as the auxiliary accessories, service of professional drivers or other can be order and paid on the spot.

Our customer service center is also available outside of working hours, and if your arrival falls on the night time, it is better to inform us in advance.

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Madrid is an inexhaustible storehouse of amazing places that everyone wants to visit. To explore the city, you can start the tour from the Puerta del Sol, which is disposed in the center of Madrid and is considered a neutral point from which all calculated all distances in Spain. From here you can go to Plaza Mayor, which is the city’s main square and was built in the period of the Hapsburgs. The shape of the square is rectangular and has nine different approaches. It is surrounded by three residential complexes, where there are 237 balconies. This square at all times of its existence was the main venue of different events.


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