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Discover the ideal car rental at Madrid airport of Barajas. Rent a car with Naniko

Visiting Madrid allows you to peep into the very roots of Spanish history, to know better the customs and traditions of this cheerful nation and open the unique attractions of the capital. This large-scale city has a considerable impact on numerous areas of life in the world and amongst the major cities at the global level. Madrid is disposed on the river Manzanares and although you can see many objects of modern architecture, also kept intact entire neighborhoods, where you can feel and experience the breath of history. Among the most interesting places to visit it is impossible not to note the Prado Museum, Art center of Reina Sofia, Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, famous for its street markets, and more.

Madrid Barajas is the biggest airport not only in Spain but over the world, with a record number of flights to Latin America. Having your auto rented at Madrid airport , you can easily reach the city in just 25 minutes. Website of the company Naniko very beneficial for those who intend to independently move around the city and districts and save thanks to stable and low prices.

Book your auto rental in Barajas airport in Madrid, at the most ideal conditions by Naniko!

The lease term is always initially defined and included in the contract, but if you need to prolong it, please inform us before the final date of lease.

The car is available to you with a full fuel tank, and you have two choices: either pay the cost of the tank in our office and then return the car with empty reservoir, or to return with the same quantity of fuel as received at the beginning.

Cancel your reservation without penalty may two days before the date of the reception of the vehicle. The same principle will be able to make adjustments to the order, whether the change of the model of car, the addition of services or the rental period.

Make according to your personal documents with the required standards. It should also be noted that in the case when the license is not issued in the Latin alphabet you need to have also a document of international standard.

The rental price includes all taxes and basic auto insurance. More information about insurance coverage you will receive from our staff, or on the corresponding page of our website.

Find your ideal vehicle rental at the airport of Madrid, via convenient to use online system of!

In addition of Barajas Airport there are two smaller airports in Madrid, but they have less importance. Barajas is the very busiest airport, annual passenger traffic reaches about 60 million people. There are two runways and five terminals today. All terminals provided with a broad range of services, many shops bars and restaurants.

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