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Learn more about car rental in Lausanne. The best conditions for rent a car with Naniko

Lausanne is a French city in Switzerland, is very close, just 50 km from Geneva. It is ideal for exploring the local culture, a city that offers many opportunities to experience the atmosphere of festivals and cultural events. In July, you can enjoy the city’s festival, during which there is the opportunity to try a lot of natural foods and drinks prepared by local people. Do not miss the sight of museums and music festivals, also an underground theater. An interesting fact that in Lausanne practice many sports, including hockey, soccer and volleyball, and there is also the Olympic Museum.

Perfect comfort offers the possibility of services of auto hire in Lausanne at affordable prices. Of course, you’ll get a greater selection of cars through online booking on, in which you can save a significant percentage of your budget. We can also offer our services in many cities and airports of Switzerland, with delivery in the desired location.

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Here is a list of benefits that you get from cooperation with us:
The diversity and range of the latest models of cars equipped with all amenities.
Lowest prices, with included cost of insurance and local taxes and no any hidden costs for services.

Safe and secure online booking system will provide you with fast and efficient services.
List of assistive devices and accessories as, for example, child safety seats, GPS-navigators, racks, snow chains and other winter accessories.

Cancellation and modification of the order will be free for two days before the commencement of the lease. You will get unlimited mileage and free roadside assistance in case of unforeseen problems.
Our courteous operators and professional experts will provide you promptly with any information.

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Lausanne is divided into two main parts of the city and the beach. In the summer here are provided an excellent opportunities to enjoy the sun and the lake. Lehman is amongst the largest lakes in Europe and offers many possibilities for a pleasant stay. Here you can swim, fish, or go sailing. Due to the proximity of mountain ranges summer in Lausanne rather short.
If you are traveler to Switzerland and Lausanne, or a businessman on business matters came to this city, be sure to rent a car in Lausanne, you will be able to explore all the beauty of Switzerland.

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