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Lausanne is the gateway to the ski resorts of Switzerland. But, of course, not only this makes it a desirable place to visit for many tourists and business people. Here is an interesting historical heritage, reflected in the architecture of the Gothic cathedral and other buildings, also presented in museums. In the same time, the city offers an exciting nightlife. The population of Lausanne is approximately 125,000 inhabitants, the majority of which are French-speaking. Lausanne is disposed on the northern shore of Lake of Geneva, which in French is called Lac Leman.

Lausanne has very strong and stable economy, a significant contribution on which makes presenting here the headquarters of various multinational companies such as Phlip Morris, Tetre Laval, Nestle and others.
In order to be able to compare all the best offers of auto rent at Lausanne airport and get preferred rates, you should definitely visit the site of Once landed in the airport of Lausanne, only a few kilometers will separate you from the center of the beautiful Swiss city. Due to the presence of the car is easy to visit neighboring Austria and France.
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Lausanne Airport is disposed in the canton of Vaud and is equipped with a small track and one terminal. This regional airport was established in 1910 and is perfectly functioning even today as one of the first civil airports in the country. It does not provide any regular flights, but only services of small aircraft for charter flights. Also available are some of the air transport services and international charter flights. The airport is a base for rescue services in Switzerland. Inside the terminal is a small restaurant offering travelers snacks and hot and cold drinks.

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