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Car renting in Italy – Rent a car with Naniko

Italy, placed in the southern part of the European continent, is well-known for its richness of culture, wonderful climate and magnificent nature. There is a countless number of lakes of all sizes that attract numerous tourists in the summer, the romantic city – museums, providing untold wealth and culture of the land and, of course, the inimitable Italian cuisine and a cheerful nature and hospitality of the people.

So as not to lose sight of anything and enjoy the delights of the country with complete program, you must be equipped with the appropriate means of travel. Any of your travel destination will be fully complied by auto rental in Italy, which is able to provide you with necessary freedom and comfort of travel.

Your reliable partner of car rental in Italy and around the world – an international company Naniko!

It is one of the principle vehicle rental companies in the world, Naniko in the market for decades and has a presence of offices in all main cities, airports and railway stations.

Excellent quality and commodity of our services covers all customer needs for mobility, including proposals from the rental of luxury cars, vans or minibuses and to family cars.

Any type of rent from the formula of long-term lease, short-term, weekly, corporate or other is always given to your choice.

Our range of vehicles characterized by safety, fuel economy and environmental concerns. Our fleet is equipped with a cars from the best manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Fiat, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen and others.

All provided by us prices presented on our web-page include VAT and general car insurance, taking into account also third party liability – RCA.

There are restrictions on the minimum age of the driver, which is 21 years, and the presence of a valid driving license for leastways one year.

Naniko is the right choice for your vehicle hire in Italy, as it is the quality at an affordable price!

In the old times the territory of today’s Italy was populated by various peoples. The southern cities were established by the Greeks and the northern ones was dominated by the Etruscans. In the central region of Lazio, with the center in Rome, the Romans lived. In the 3rd and 4th centenaries BC, Rome grew stronger so that was able to conquere the Greeks and Etruscans. From that moment began to develop the story of the great Roman Empire, the borders of which, thanks to the skilful rulers, soon covered almost all of Europe. But it is because of the tremendous dimensions and complicacy of centrally regulate the whole territory, the empire felt.

Today Italy is very tightly populated country, with a total population of 58 million inhabitants, 87% of which are Italians, committed to Catholicism.

Italian culture, which has made an enormous contribution to European civilization, famous for its art, literature, architecture, film and music.

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