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Rent a car at Florence airport. Cheap car rental from Naniko

As the capital and the heart of Tuscany, Florence for centuries was the central place of trade and art, which to this day remains unchanged. Inestimable wealth of monuments, that the city offers, is only part of the whole charm of Tuscany. You can also visit such wonderful places like Pisa and Lucca, if you have in your disposition a car.

Today, the town seems as a huge treasure trove of art assemblage, including masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli and others.

Endless possibilities and new horizons will be opened to you with an economical auto rental from Florence Airport, you can book on the web page of the company Naniko and travel in complete freedom for all neighborhoods, as if you were a local inhabitant.

Take an advantage of all the advantages provided by Naniko for auto hire from the airport of Florence!

Our prices are provided with included insurance, taxes, and you get a bonus of unlimited mileage and road assistance in unforeseen failures.

In case you need to make variations or annulment of your order, you will be able to do it for free a few days before the start of the lease.

You can be completely sure that will not find any hidden costs, all will be clearly indicated from the beginning.

Our customer service system operates 24 hours, any your question can get a circumstantial answer from our qualified and courteous operators.

The choice of method of payment given to you, so payment can be made online when booking in advance, or directly by cash on delivery of the machine.

For your comfort and safety provided the auxiliary list of accessories that you can choose and pay on the spot.

Learn about the necessary details of vehicle rentals at the airport of Florence on!

Florence Airport, named after the renowned explorer Amerigo Vespucci, disposed about 5 km from the city, in the quarter of Peretola and is easily accessible by highway 11. To date, the airport is able to handle the traffic of 3 million passengers. The complex services provided are in line with international standards, and aims to ensure a pleasant stay of passengers, as well as meeting their needs.

Visiting the magnificent city attractions you will see the Old Bridge, which until 1218 was linked two Riverfront. At present, the bridge is represented in the restored in 1345 version and is a very romantic, especially at night. Above it there is also the Vasari Corridor, built in 1565, for the convenience of the Medici move from one bank to another. Just a few minutes’ of walk you can reach the Boboli Gardens, is an oasis of 45 square meters, created in the fifteenth century.


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