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Discover Germany with car rental. Rent a car is cheaper by Naniko!

In terms of culture, architecture and landscape, Germany is a very diverse country and combines many elements. The rich history and culture of the country seems like a treasure chest, impressive in its diversity. You can travel from Berlin, the multicultural capital of the country and to Munich, the main town in Bavaria, without losing sight of Cologne, Frankfurt, Freiburg and Dresden, each of which is a kind of embodiment of the history, traditions, beautiful landscapes and different realities.

Germany is incomparable travel destination for all lovers of art, music, architecture, and of course beer as it is a symbol of the German nation. Certainly the best way to discover the many facets of the country is to rent a car in Germany. The company Naniko, due the availability of many offices across the country, will be able to provide a suitable vehicle for the most daring ideas of your trip.

Create a pleasant and comfortable conditions for your trip with the help of auto hire in Germany with the low prices by Naniko!

Book your car is possible directly on the website or by phone. Upon completion of reservation, as the order confirmation you will receive a voucher that is required when taking the car.

The car categories in our fleet is great and differs by brand, size, power of engine or type. If you need a particular model, our operators will make every effort to offer you exactly that car.
Our low rates include such services comprehensive insurance, unlimited mileage and VAT. Pay attention to the period of validity of prices.

Payment for the reservation is carried out or by bank transfer or directly at our offices.

Modification or cancel of order you can make for free 48 hours before the planned date of reception of the car.

The lease contract will be done in our office by presenting your personal documents. It is recommended to carefully read the contract, which includes all the conditions of hire, and always carry a copy over the lease term.

Beautiful sceneries and charming towns, all with easy access by vehicle rented in Germany from Naniko!

In the north of Germany, you can admire the plain territory, which is famous for its scenery of endless meadows and the northern cities full of beautiful buildings, constructed of red bricks.
The western part of the country is characterized by cheerfulness of its inhabitants, which clearly can be seen on the Rhine carnival.
The landscapes of eastern Germany captivate visitors with its originality and views of mountain areas. Mountain forests are dark and mystical. In particular, it is worth to visit cities such as Halle, Zwickau and Görlitz, which miraculously survived during the Second World War. Also in Dresden, called the northern Florence, you can see the magnificent architecture of the temples.

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