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Rent a car in Albania at the cheapest rates by Naniko

Literally translated, the meaning of Albania would be – the land of eagles. The country is placed in South-Eastern Europe. It is characterized by a colorful combination and variety of landscapes, inland, you can admire the mountains, which fades into the coast of Ionian and Adriatic Seas. Cities here have a special charm and beauty, as Tirana, Durres and the towns of the Ottoman era Berat and Gjirokastra, historic centers of which are the part of a World Heritage.

Behind the wheel of your auto hired in Albania, will be available a variety of routes and you will be able to discover the ingenious and exciting places of the country. For your safety while driving, it is always recommended pay maximum attention to the compliance with the traffic rules. Through of the site of Naniko will be much easier to find the ideal conditions for your trip. With years of experience and partnerships with leading car manufacturers, we are constantly able to provide with the best vehicles at the most competitive rates.

For your safe and comfortable journey at your disposal is car rental in Albania from an international company Naniko!

After completing a simple booking process, in most cases, your order will be confirmed within a few hours

If your schedule have changed and you need to make a modification or annul your order, without fear of fines, you can do it 48 hours before the beginning of the lease.

Need to keep in mind that when taking car, together with personal documents must be presented a voucher of reservations because it contains all the necessary details of your order.

All our rates already include Casco car insurance, where taken into account the civic responsibility and all the usual risks such as fire, theft, damage in the collision, as well as in the prices already included VAT.

As a rule, on the cars rented from us, you can cross the border of the country and travel to another country with availability of a special document from the company.

On our site you can order in the name of any other person, but for the moment of pick up of the car, he must be present in person and submit the required documents.

In some cases, within the framework of special promotions, you can get a GPS system or other accessories free of charge. In standard cases the broad range of auxiliary devices are available both online and in our office and can be paid in place.

Fabulous benefits and a high level of service you will get when rent a car in Albania from Naniko!

Notwithstanding the fact that Albania is still not ranked among the most visited tourist destinations in the world for more than a decade as the country recovers its former glory after the war years, and is on the way of revival. There are many interesting archaeological sites, breathtaking sceneries, vibrant cities and wonderful natural green spaces.

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