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Rent a car at the airport in Sarajevo. Auto Rental with Naniko

As confirmed by reliable sources, Sarajevo was inhabited since the Neolithic era. Already in the Middle Ages Sarajevo was an important city. In the 15th centenary the town was conquered by the Ottoman Empire and later came under the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Sarajevo is a place of interesting events in the past. So, it was a test site of first tram in the West, after San Francisco. In the Victorian era there was built various factories. Another event of the world importance happened in Sarajevo. Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were killed in a car in Sarajevo, whiat was the impetus for the start of World War.

You can visit many interesting attractions in the city and its surroundings, with car hired at Sarajevo airport and easily move throughout of selected routes.

Low prices and excellent service of car rental at Sarajevo airport today and always for you from Naniko!

Your order will be confirmed within a few hours and the reservation voucher that you will receive as confirmation is required, together with other documents at the sign of the lease contract. Voucher contains all the details regarding your rent.

Just in case of correction or cancellation of order 48 hours before of pick up the car, you should not afraid of any fines.

It is necessary to be attentive to the fact that if your driver’s license issued in a language which in a given country cannot be read, for example, Chinese, Russian or another, required also the license of international standards.

All our prices include comprehensive insurance and taxes that exist in a particular country, there are no hidden costs that you would find on arrival.

Some of our customers plan to travel to several neighboring countries and for this goal we are pleased to announce that on our cars you can cross the border of the country and to go further with the special permission received prior from the company.

Pre-order is possible to carry out in the name of another person, but when taking a car this person should present himself and provide his personal documents.

Hurry to book vehicle rental in Sarajevo Airport by Naniko for creating your best trip ever!

Sarajevo International Airport, also known with the denomination of Butmir, is 6 km away from Sarajevo. To get from the airport to the city accessible buses, taxi services and rental of cars. According to recent data Butmir Airport serves about half a million passengers a year, also there is a sustainable growth in passenger numbers.

There are carried out a number of flights to numerous destinations. The airport terminal has all the necessary services, a restaurant, a snack bar and shops. In addition, travelers can get information at the tourist office and use the services of the post office.

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