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Bulgaria is located on the Black Sea coast, it is part of the Balkan region. In fact, he Balkan peninsula got its name from a mountain range in Bulgaria. In total, the country is inhabited by about 7 million inhabitants. Bulgaria has always been attractive for tourism and recreation because of its beautiful nature and rich history.

Tourists can visit the whole of Bulgaria, studying the history of its picturesque towns like Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and others, and this visit will be a lot more comfortable and economical with car hired in Bulgaria. These cities preserved monasteries and churches that raised in the middle of magnificent colorful landscapes. For wine lovers may be interested wine tours throughout of places of ancient traditions of winemaking. And in the summer beaches of the Black Sea welcome guests with abundance of its heat and sun.

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With some special offers, you can get a free GPS system together with the car. Otherwise, as a rule, all the accessories need to be ordered and paid separately.

Our prices initially already include all taxes and the cost of auto insurance, so no unexpected expenses you will not find and the price will remain the same.

When receiving the vehicle should present a passport, driving license and the reservation voucher containing the necessary information. If your license in not been issued in Latin, then you obliged to have also one of international standard.

If you have an intention of a long trip, it may be suitable for you the option of additional driver, which you need to specify when you make a contract. Even when booking you can specify additional drivers; and present him in person at the reception of the car.

We also have a delivery service of the ordered car to the address that you will specify in the application form, as well as to the airport at the time of arrival of your flight.

Such devices as ski racks, snow chains, luggage basket, navigators, child seats and other are the additional options and must be ordered and paid separately.

Discover the vastness of the country with the comfort of the vehicle hired in Bulgaria by Naniko and travel stylish and in economical way!

The highest peak in Bulgaria is Golyam Perelik with a height of 2191 meters. Among the mountains, you can find a lot of cliffs with caves and natural springs. You can also see mountain lakes, lost among the rocks. A few hundred kilometers away from Sofia there is a national park that protects the flora and fauna, where is also the Rila Monastery, founded in the year 946 and listed as a World Heritage Site.
Bulgaria has a continental climate, typical of Central Europe, with hot summers and cold winters.

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