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Cheap car hire in Sicily. Rent a car with Naniko

As the biggest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has a mostly mountainous terrain and there is the highest European volcano Etna, which is still active. Due to numerous past eruptions the land in Sicily is very fertile, and for that reason almost all cultivated. Here you can see beautiful landscapes, where hills are interspersed with vineyards, olive trees, lemon fields and other. It has a typical Mediterranean climate that contributes to the progress of agriculture, and attracts the people from different counties to spend a coveted vacation.

With the convenience of car rented in Sicily at low cost, have opened innumerable possibilities to visit various places, to make memorable pictures when visiting temples or archaeological sites. By car you can choose alternate routes and attractions.

Discover the beautiful scenery of Mount Etna, with the support of auto hire in Sicily from Naniko!

Our prices provided initially include cost of insurance and taxes, about any additional costs such as the expenses of fuel or accessories, you will be notified in advance. No hidden extra charges do not expect you from us.

To pay for the lease is necessary to have a credit card on the driver’s name, as apart of service cost required deposit collateral, which will refunded to you, if the car returned in the conditions as from the beginning.

Age limitation for rental is 21 years. There are some companies charge an additional fee in the case of a young driver. We do not have any fees, only required the the driving experience of leastwise 2 years.

As a rule, in the most countries required the original driver’s license of international standard.

In the frame of our basic packages always provided unlimited mileage and rapid technical assistance on the road.

Get cost-effective means of travel with the help of vehicle rental in Sicily at low rates from Naniko!

Sicily, thanks to the beautiful and mild climate, you can visit all year round. Ocean beaches and pristine coasts of Sicily can be called a paradise. But furthermore of the natural beauties of the island it is also rich in historical heritage and has an active cultural life and activities, among which should be noted Arts Festival in Taormina. Palermo has a special charm, which in the old part of the city, walking along the lovely streets, you can experience the true Sicilian atmosphere. Juicy local products can be purchased on the market, or be tasted at different restaurants. If you have a car is easy to go on areas such as Messina, Agrigento, and more.

Sicily is a land of a thousand colors and flavors, offering the greatest number of natural resources in Italy.

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