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Cheap rent a car in Verona. Best car rental with Naniko

Verona is an another Italian city, proudly carrying its celebrity through two millennia, with harmoniously combines elements of art of various eras, from the ruins of Roman fortresses and to medieval heritage presented with magnificent buildings, bridges, cathedrals and squares.

Arriving in the city, you can immediately get a pre-ordered car hired in Verona and easily begin your journey, discovering the charm of the centuries-old city of arts. Shakespeare never stepping foot here, was inspired by the legendary charm of Verona.

On you will discover the best solution for your needs, with a comfort visit Verona from the era of Venetian rule, going to the Austrian period, up to the castle of San Pietro and be able from a height enjoy the splendor of eternal beauty of Verona.

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Making your reservation on our website, you will get a confirmation for the period of 24 hours ,you will get a voucher corresponding to the reservation with all the necessary information.

In the majority of cases, with our cars you have an opportunity to travel to different cities and even to cross the border of another country. To this, at the signing of the contract you will need to obtain a permission from us.

For payment of rental services, you can use a credit card in the name of the main driver, or to pay in cash when taking the car.

The modification or cancellation can be made free of charge for a couple of days before the beginning of the lease.

As a rule, there is an age limit for renting – not less than 21 years. If there are children aboard of car, you must have a child seat, which like other accessories can be ordered separately.

However, together with the passport the driver must present a driver’s license of international standard.

Get a benefit of unlimited mileage and roadside support in renting a vehicle in Verona from Naniko!

Visit of Verona most of travelers start with the area of Roman times, primarily with contemplation of the impressive amphitheater of Arena, which was amongst the largest of its time, where to this days hold the famous opera festivals and major musical events. In the range of attractions included Porta Borsari and Gavi Arch – Roman gates that gave access to the city and the majestic stone bridge.

In medieval Verona need to see the Basilica of San Zeno, the Duomo cathedral and of course the famous Juliet’s house. The Lamberti Tower and Old Castle with bridge, romantic landscapes of the Adige River are of Indescribable beauty.

The majestic Squares and palaces open to you the complete magic of styles and eras, praising Verona with artistic and cultural heritage.

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