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Rent a car in Pisa. The best prices for car rental from Naniko

It can be safely said that Pisa is the most famous city of Tuscany, and among with Florence demonstrates all the charm of Renaissance art and is constantly updated thanks to the preserved traditions of humanism of Higher Normal School of Pisa. Ideally located along the river Arno, Pisa is protected on three sides by a chain of hills, and has always held a privileged position, even in the days of bloody struggles between Guelphs and Ghibellines.

Pisa, being home of great artists, the most famous of which is the father of modern science, Galileo Galilei, built around the Piazza del Duomo, where stands the famous leaning tower and the cathedral, which also applies to the bell tower.

To better understand all the wonderful places of surrounding area, use the comfort of a car renting in Pisa. Parked your vehicle near the square and walk toward the Square of Wonders to revel the views of the towers, churches and splendid greenery.

Auto hire in Pisa offered from Naniko at low tariffs give you the possibility to discover the most beautiful region of Italy!

Payment for services is easy to implement, or to transfer or directly at our office in the preparation of the vehicle. Your reservation will be reaffirmed within a few hours by the reservation voucher.

If there is the need to do modification or cancel an order, pull it free for two days before the withdrawal of the machine.

Upon receipt of the vehicle must be provides the personal documents, driving license and a voucher of reservation.

The price of rental is already comprise the Casco car insurance and all local taxes. With our car you will be able to cross the border of another country, previously received from us the writing permission.

Take an advantage of convenient system of reservations on for vehicle renting in Pisa and easily and safely relax behind the wheel of your car!

The magnificent historic center of Pisa welcomes its visitors with a beautiful and narrow streets, large squares and Renaissance palaces. Here is the special atmosphere created by the medieval towers, raised along the Arno River. At the coastal strip are such famous buildings as the Palazzo Medici, Palazzo Toscanelli and the Church of St. Matthew in Soarta.

Pisa is disposed at very flat area, but if go away for several kilometers to the south, you can immerse yourself in the classic Tuscan landscape of rolling hills, forests and ancient villages, where you can spend pleasant hours on interesting excursions.

Tourism is a very important and, undoubtedly, the main industry for the city. The main attraction, attracting millions of tourists a year – Leaning Tower of Pisa, which is due to an architectural error is in falling state for centuries. But there is another feature, in addition to tourism, which characterizes Pisa, is the number of Universities, by which the city often hosts numerous international conferences.

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