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Car renting in Venice. Rent a car at best prices from Naniko

The infinite charm of Venice can be determined only in such way – it is a work of art itself, an immense open-air museum. Many fine words and definitions were devoted to it. City of bridges as it is commonly called, is placed in the Venetian lagoon, the Bay, and stretches for 118 small islands, linked by 408 bridges. Venice affects with the quantity and splendor of its churches and cathedrals, museums and ancient palaces, residences and historic villas, central among which is Piazza San Marco, with the same named basilica, the Bell Tower and the Doge’s Palace.

Even if in the city to move by car is impossible, but with a car rented in Venice, easy to access from Marco Polo airport or station of Mestre to the continental part, as well as to the famous seaside resorts such as Jesolo, Caorle, Bibione and visit other historical sites like Altino, Portogruaro and the Brenta Riviera, famous for its majestic patrician villas of Venetian aristocrats, built in the XVI century.

Visit the magnificent place and grandiose monument on auto hired in Venice by the international company Naniko!

Moreover of the range of standard services, Naniko provides an integrated system of cleaning and disinfection of our cars and vans that allows you to receive the ordered car in a perfectly pure form, without additional charges.

With this option, your auto will always be: thoroughly cleaned with external and internal parties to the state of perfection;

The cleaning neutralizes the odors, disinfect it with using the anti-allergic and harmless to the health cleaners. This method is also perfectly cleans and excludes the presence of mites, bacteria, fungi and viruses. In the list of our services Naniko offers its customers additional services that can be implemented on request, depending on your particular needs.

The service out of working hours is not a problem if you in advance will warn the representative of our company about your exact time of arrival. Delivery and return of the vehicle can also be performed on a pre-agreed address, depending on your route.

Take a privilege of the ideal combination of services for vehicle renting in Venice from Naniko!

From all the many bridges of Venice the most celebrated are the Rialto Bridge, one of four lying across the Grand Canal and the Bridge of Sighs, in the Baroque style. There are several versions regarding the name of this bridge, the most romantic is that telling if lovers will kiss under that bridge sitting in a gondola at sunset, they will enjoy the sweetness of eternal love.

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