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Turkey is a country of fascinating and multifaceted history, due to geographical location at the crossroads of cultures and traditions. This place which gave the birth of great civilizations. Modern Turkey is disposed on two continents, Europe and Asia on the Anatolian peninsula. The state occupies a huge space with an area of almost eight hundred thousand square kilometers and a populace of about eighty million people, the vast majority are Muslims. In recent years, Turkey has been featured in the international arena as an important interlocutor in politics, because of its strategy and the role of cultural bridge betwixt East and West. In Turkey found important remains of antiquity such as ancient Troy and the colonies of Asia Minor, exciting examples of the different cultures of the metropolis like Istanbul and varied landscapes.

Given the immense territory it is recommended to rent an auto in Turkey, while having the opportunity and convenience of creating your own routes and avoid the stress of using public transport. Using our booking system will allow you to quickly get the car of your dreams for a perfect trip.

Through convenient systems of the company Naniko make your auto rentals in Turkey and save on your budget!

Just received an overview of some of the many benefits of collaboration with us, you will convinced of the correctness of the your choice:

The most comfortable and modern cars are equipped with everything you need can be discovered in our own fleet: cars of any size, economical subcompact, elegant sedans or SUVs latest models, minivans and roomy minibuses and more.

You get a unique price, which has included local taxes and the cost of car insurance, get a millage without restriction and free of charge prompt assistance in case of technical problems on the road.

Among the additional services you will be able to select and use the services of professional drivers of our company, fluent in a foreign language.

Rented car, due to your needs can be delivered to your place of arrival or residence.

Find out more details about the range of services and great discounts on for vehicle rental in Turkey!

Do you know some sapid facts about Turkey?

Istanbul is the only city in the world placed on two continents.

That the Turks brought the first coffee in Europe

Of the seven wonders of the world, two are in Turkey and is the ancient city of Ephesus and the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

Noah’s Ark came to land on the shores of Mount Ararat, which is today located in eastern Turkey.

St. Peter’s Temple was the first one built by man and is in Antioch.

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