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The center of province and the region of Piedmont, Turin is inhabited by about 900 thousand inhabitants and in fourth place on the scale among Italian municipalities. This town was nominated as the cradle of the Renaissance, offers to visitors a lot of interesting things here, perfectly combined the monuments of architecture, history and art with a number of entertainment and great food. A world famous events such as Book Fair, Salone del Gusto and Film Festival, attach to Turin a special interest and charm.

Turin is placed on the Po River and surrounded by hills. Its neighborhoods is easy to explore if you have in disposition a car rented in Turin, which gives unlimited latitude of movement and the chance to reach any cultural sights, medieval castles, baroque churches and palaces of the great Savoy.

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The great pleasure of visiting Turin, with its majestic and elegant architecture, with beautiful squares and baroque buildings, with its the famous 18 – kilometer walking area with arcades, built in the sixteenth century, where today you can find a variety of shops, ranging from antiques to boutiques of famous brands.

It is impossible not to visit the famous museums of Turin, a total of which 40 are unique and one-of-a-kind, such as the National Museum of Cinema, housed in a pleasant atmosphere in the Mole Antonelliana, the second in importance for the number of finds Egyptian Museum and the Automobile Museum with incredible and unique collection of vehicles. Here, everywhere you can see great masterpieces that were witnessed tumultuous cultural life, art exhibitions and festivals. There even fun just to wander through the streets and markets, or sit back and relax in one of the many historical cafés.

In the outskirts of Turin has the famous residences of the Savoy, the wonderful ancient castles and places of rare beauty. In the famous valley of the River Po are medieval castles, baroque churches and buildings of Savoy, as the Castle of Rivoli and Moncalieri Castle.

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