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Car rental in Sofia. Important information about rent a car from Naniko

Sofia is among the oldest cities in Europe. According to the discovered during archaeological excavations facts, the first settlements here date back to 7000 years ago. Some of these findings presented in the church of St. George, built in the fourth century. In Sofia preserved many historic buildings that have been able to survive in different periods of its history.
Sofia became the capital of Bulgaria in 1878 and by that time there lived about 12 000 people. Today, that number reaches about a half million.

An excellent choice for many travelers, as a means of travel for this trip is to rent a car in Sofia. Using the online reservation system by, you can get the ordered car in one of our offices across the country and explore Sofia in all its charms, moving with amenities on your car.

Absolute comfort and ideal conditions provided by the company Naniko on auto rental in Sofia!

Tracing the updates on our website, you can often see a variety of periodic special offers, which provide the most advantageous conditions, such as for example, when renting a car at any particular time, you will get one of the accessories for free, such as the Navigator or other.

Upon receipt of the vehicle, together with all personal documents is also important to present a voucher of reservations, which contains detailed information about your order.

If you have any special requests for a vehicle or looking for a particular car model and technical data, you can find it in the list of all our fleet, including the proposed compact cars or elegant sedans, reliable SUVs or roomy minivans.

We always strive to provide our customers with the best prices, which already include car insurance and all local taxes, and there are no hidden costs.

It is worth paying attention to the issue of regulation of the fuel policy, which by mutual choice of the parties could meet the options full-full or full-empty.

Accordingly to the season, winter tires are available in complete with a rented car, but such additional devices as snow chains, navigators, child seats, ski racks and other necessary to order and pay separately.

Explore the lively capital with unlimited mileage from Naniko on vehicle hired in Sofia!

In Sofia you can visit the magnificent places that tell about the versatility of this city, grandiose buildings of Orthodox churches and cathedrals, as well as see the massive architecture of the Communist era. Of the special splendor differs the Orthodox church of Alexander Nevsky.

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