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Car Rental in Slovenia – Consistently low cost for rent a car from Naniko

For more than a decade as Slovenia turned into attractive tourist destination of a large scale, thanks to its beautiful resorts. Its territory is actually a mountain and the coast is washed by Adriatic Sea. The area of Slovenia begins a few kilometers from Trieste in Italy. If you have chosen to visit this romantic country, it would be advisable to rent a car in Slovenia and comfortably explore its exciting terrain.

Charming capital Ljubljana is often called the city of bridges, where you can see the Triple Bridge and Bridge of Draghim, is an interesting example of excellent architecture. Near is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, built in the baroque style and is an important monument of the city. But the first thing that catches the eye here is a castle, on a hill above the city.

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Completing your reservation, you will be able to pay for services by a bank transfer or directly at our office, by cash or credit card.

A variety of models of vehicles allows us to offer you the most appropriate car for your riding style.

If you intend to travel to several neighboring countries, then with our autos, you can easily cross the border of the country thanks to a special permission from our company and to coordinate this question with us beforehand.

At any time, two days before receiving the car, you can change or even cancel your booking without any penalty. Changing the model of the car or the duration of the lease may entail also change in the total amount of the order.

The minimum age for rent is 21 years. You must still have the practice of driving at least two years.

Among our services you can select additional drivers, thus, presenting his personal documents and he will be included in the lease agreement and will have similar rights and obligations as the main driver.

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In Slovenia, in addition to its magnificent capital, there are many exciting places and resorts. For many years the popular resort is Portoroz with a spacious wellness area. It is also a beautiful town with its relaxing rhythm, with a nice promenade for jogging and entertainment at night.
Another gem of the Slovenia is Koper, an ancient city, rich in monuments, where you can see the beautiful cathedral and the Praetorian Palace. Wine connoisseurs will appreciate the local wines, and at the annual festival Refosco, chosen the best wine in the region.

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