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The low cost car rental in Slovakia – Super tariffs for rent a car with Naniko

Slovakia is placed in Central Europe, bordered by a number of States, has mostly mountainous terrain in the central and northern parts and to the south of the Ore Mountains stretch the plain territories. To successfully make the journey across the expanses of the country, the most of travelers who come here choose as a means of moving a car in rent in Slovakia, which easily can be booked directly from the house via the site of Here you will get from us a number of recommendations how to comply with traffic rules and information about some of the basic principles of driving in an unfamiliar area.

Traffic on roads in the Slovak Republic is performed on the right side.

The maximum permissible speed varies from 50 km / h, 90 and 130 km / h, accordingly, in the city, outside the urban areas and on highways.

Use of seat belts is obligatory both for the driver and all passengers.

During the time while driving the vehicle is strictly prohibited the use of mobile phones, is permitted only with a hands free devise.

In the daytime, you must use dipped headlights.

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For using some roads and highways in Slovakia exists certain fees when you pay that you get a special permit, which should be pasted on the windshield.

There are age limits for driving the leased cars in the Slovak Republic, the driver must be 19 years old and have a driving license for at least one year. Minimum age may alter according to the category and class of vehicle.

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