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Car rental in Sarajevo. The most favorable conditions of rent a car with Naniko

As it happened historically, the country’s capital Sarajevo, has always been the most interesting place, according to its rich heritage. This amazing city is the meeting point of different civilizations that have lived for centuries in peace and harmony: Orthodox, Catholics, Muslims, or Jews, everyone could breathe freely here. Even today, after recovering from the horrors of the civil war in the city again, you can see the Bosnians, Croats and Serbs, who live in a low-key harmony. The city’s population is about 300,000 inhabitants. Sarajevo was founded in a lowland at an altitude of 500 meters and is encircled on all sides by mountains, the highest peak of which is Treskavitsa at 2088 m.

Discover all the charm of an amazing town and see the sights in an entirely new light, will help you the availability of a car for rent in Sarajevo. This is not only a convenient means of travel, but also the most economical one and provides maximum freedom in the choice of tourist routes.

The best conditions for auto rental in Sarajevo can be found on the website of the international company Naniko!

It is easy to carry out the booking of the car on our website, where you specify the desired date and model of car, you will immediately receive a list of the vehicles, just select the desired one and confirm it.

You get our lowest fares with already included the cost of insurance and taxes, so you will not need further care of these matters and bear other expenses.

At the moment of booking or at reception of cars in our office, you can also specify additional devices needed for your trip, such as luggage baskets, navigators, ski racks, child seats, safety chains, and more.

Whatever is the purpose and duration of your trip, in the spectrum of packages, you can always choose more suitable for you as for example, one-way rentals, long-term or short-term rentals, corporate leasing, and more.

Just in case if you want completely relax, or simply for whatever reason not to drive a car, you will get an opportunity to use the services of qualified drivers from our company.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery while traveling by vehicle hired in Sarajevo at the best rates from Naniko!

Like most journeys, acquaintance with the country, as a rule, begins with its capital, and also in this case, a visit of Sarajevo, will be the first in the list. Sarajevo is a cultural and university center of great importance, which is leading the country in overcoming the post-war crisis. Here is actively developing economy, supported by agriculture and handicrafts. In Sarajevo, many wonderful examples of places of religious worship, notably the mosque of Gazi Husrev Bey, the Catholic Cathedral, the Synagogue and Serbian Orthodox Cathedral.

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