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Olbia, in the availability of interesting archaeological sites, is a historic place in the north-east of Sardinia, close to the Costa Smeralda and the beauteous island of Tavolara. In its center, along with many other monuments have minor basilica of San Simplicio, dedicated to the patron of the city. Olbia is very popular for its famous beautiful and crystal clear sea, ranging from turquoise to blue and emerald green.

Taking a car renting in Olbia, you can drive along the coastline and reach the most beautiful and equipped beaches called La Playa, continue your journey to the Emerald Coast, stopping in the bays of extraordinary beauty, immersed in the Mediterranean, Cugnana and Porto. In just ten minutes by car from Olbia, you can visit the Cape Ceraso, among wild rocks and small lagoons, with extraordinary views of sea.

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Olbia is an industrial city, and has in presence an active port. The impression of the city is not as great as on the surrounding coast. In Olbia are about 43 thousand inhabitants, notwithstanding the busiest streets gives the impression that there must be much more. This effect is also created by the presence of a large number of tourists.

Olbia is full of famous resorts, making it a very important tourist center of the island, and it is considered as gateway to Sardinia for access to the Costa Smeralda. It crossed by the system of overpasses, tunnels and transport routes to facilitate access by car.

Olvia is a main landmark and the center of the north – east coast of Sardinia, in the archipelago of Maddalena and Santa Teresa di Gallura. Here you can see numerous boats and from Isola Bianca port provided daily communication with the peninsula. The town has no traffic or parking problems. Your car can always be transported on the ferry from the mainland, and then explore the rest of the island by car.

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