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Car hire in Naples. Rent a car at low rates from Naniko

Naples is that unusual and special place, which can be described as follows: poorly designed, poorly asphalted, poorly lit and ventilated. But perhaps that is why Naples is amongst the most beautiful places in Europe, which did not changed under the pressure of modern trends and kept its original appearance, the richness of history, art, culture and gastronomy.

Naples is the fourth city by its scales in Italy, with a populace of about a million people, is disposed in the Bay of Naples and from the city the Mount Vesuvius is seen, while near its slopes the excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum are visible.

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From the rich assortment of the fleet, our customers can select any desired car model, including classical or urban, economic, family or minivans.

Prices for the selected vehicle during the booking process will be clearly shown, include the cost of insurance and taxes and will remain the same for you.

Your confirmation voucher, you will get via e-mail and better to have it with you when receiving the car, because it contains the necessary information about your order.

The minimum age to rent a car – 21 years, and driving experience must be leastways two years.

The services payment can be made by bank transfer or cash at the contract signing in our office. It should also be left a deposit, which will be returned when a car refunded in desired state.

Visit the beautiful neighborhood of the city at a convenient vehicle rented in Naples, provided by Naniko!

Visiting Naples promises incomparable feeling of immersion in the 2500 – year past of the city. It is the homeland of pizza Margarita and aromatic coffee and a favorite destination for tourists.

The historic center of Naples, coincidences with the original core of the city, where you can visit the largest square Piazza del Plebiscito, which previously held a variety of celebrations. Here are located several important buildings such as the Basilica of San Francesco di Paola, with its large forms reminiscent of the Roman Pantheon, the magnificent Royal Palace, built in the 17th centenary, the Palazzo Salerno, created by the reunion of two old monasteries and the Prefecture Palace of Naples.

Not only the town, but also its surroundings delight tourists with its variety of beautiful places. So, one can not overlook the Park of Vesuvius, and enjoy one of the biggest volcanoes in the world. Gulf of Naples, dotted with colorful villages where you can most clearly feel the local traditions and folk culture.

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