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In addition to the fact thet Istanbul is considered as the largest city of Turkey, here also are focused significant economic and cultural activities of the country. Istanbul offers visitors the generous amount of amusing tourist destinations, amongst which are the gorgeous Dolmabahce Palace, the residence of the city administration, the beauty and unique architecture of which bear the imprint of different civilizations.

Istanbul has really a huge scale and therefore for the efficiency of travel, most travelers prefer to rent a car at the airport in Istanbul, while saving their precious time and finances. Istanbul is served by two international airports, of which Gokcen is younger and has been created to meet the increasing traffic of passengers and cargo.

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Sabiha Gokcen Airport was built relatively recently and is named after the first Turkish woman pilot. It is placed 40 km away from the center of Asian Istanbul and 45 kilometers from the European part. In the process of enlargement is a railway line from Kartal to the airport. Delivery of travelers to the city provided by shuttle buses. Easy to reach also by car, because the airport is disposed along the road connecting two freeways.

terminal area is huge and offers a range of services required. There is a large shopping center, also various restaurants and bars, a VIP lounge and business center, offered the public computers with internet access and many other services for passengers.