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Geneva is the second in scale city of Switzerland, which in 2007 was recognized among the cities with the highest level and quality of life. Geneva is also often called the capital of the world, because here are concentrated European headquarter of the UN and other important organizations. The symbolic thing of Geneva is a fountain in the center of Lake of Geneva, reaching of 140 meters of height and which was built with the purpose of pumping the excess water from the hydraulic unit. On the right bank of the lake, you can find a diversity of restaurants and a luxury hotel, but on the left side and then located the historic center of Geneva. Interesting fact that 157 steps bring you to the top of the tower of the Cathedral of St. Pierre which offers an amazing view of the town and lake.

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Of course, while in Geneva, one would like to visit the United Nations edifice, which was built in 1929 – 1936 years, and annually holds more than 25,000 delegates. Visiting the palace is available daily. Very interesting is the fresco in the Hall of Human Rights, written by Miquel Barceló and gifted by the Spanish government to the United Nations.

In addition to the magnificent palaces and monuments, Geneva is full of greenery. In English garden there is a sculpture with flowers and a clock, which is a symbol of the city. These floral clock made in 1955 and contains 6500 various flowers and plants. Accordingly to the season the flowers are changed. The clocks defers of Swiss precision, and the time is transmitted from the satellite.

Speaking of clocks, certainly need to mention a long tradition of Geneva of watch making. You can visit the shops and historic sites, telling the history of the watch making industry in Geneva.

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