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Car Rental in Denmark on better terms from the world-famous company Naniko

Denmark, surrounded by the sea is a land rich in water resources, where you can easily take a boat ride and enjoy delicious seafood at local restaurants. Here you will find interesting for fans of different styles of rest, visiting the ancient castles, estates and museums with the remnants of the Viking days and to visit the fabulous Legoland, is a dream of the childhood of many.

Visit of this magnificent country can be arranged with the greatest comfort, using an auto hire in Denmark that will help you better plan your favorite routes and always be on time for any meetings.

Especially for you provided by Naniko economical and reliable service of rent a car in Denmark!

When you intent to rent the car you must have all the necessary personal documents, and present them when taking a car, also to provide with a voucher that comprises all the details of your rental.

Get the car may immediately at the place of arrival, for example, at the airport, or wherever it is most convenient to you, is enough to indicate the address of delivery in advance.

Together with the cost of services the tenant must leave a deposit amount for unforeseen damage of car; amount will be refunded in full at the lease end, if all the rules of the contract are met.

For two days before receiving the car, you can make any correction to your order if you need. For instance, if you want to change the date or the duration of the lease or the model of car.

The prices listed on our website or provided to you in order, always take into account already full insurance and taxes, so there are no hidden costs. Any value-added services, as an accessories or another is always indicated separately.

Through of our online system anyone can book a car for another person, also to pay for it, however, to get the car can only be a person in whose name the order is made.

Immerse yourself in the world of unexplored roads with vehicle hired in Denmark, using unlimited millage by Naniko!

The population of Denmark is today about 5.5 million people, mainly living in urban areas. The main language is Danish, but there are also dialects.

Denmark retains many traditions and here you can see a lot of interesting things, reminiscent of the period of the rule of the Vikings. The museum contains important archaeological remains.

Widely known in the world the Danish design, which characterized by simple lines and lack of spare parts. Of course, many will not miss the chance to visit the theme park of Legoland – a miniature world created in Billund and visit the birthplace of the famous fabulist Hans Christian Andersen.

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