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Catania, disposed at the foot of Mount Etna, is widely known as the Black Pearl of the Ionian Sea. The picturesque line of rocky coastline has a darker shade and created from black basalt of Etna. Given to the fact that Catania is considered to be an economic and industrial center of Sicily, it is a very vivacious place in terms of leisure and entertainment.

Among the main attractions of Catania can be noted Castle of Ursino, built by Frederick II as observation and defensive points of the town, incomparable Bellini Theater, Benedictine Monastery, the same ancient necropolis, Greek theater. A beautiful street in entire Italy is a Via Crociferi, which means the way of churches, because of the beautiful religious architecture of the Baroque style. In Piazza Duomo stands the Cathedral, in honor of the mistress of the city, St. Agatha, also a symbol of Catania – the elephant made of lava stone, which placed in the middle of the marble fountain.

The picturesque surroundings and the sights of Sicily, is easily visited by using of car rented in Catania, with which one will freely explore the beautiful rocky coves, or Cyclops Riviera colorful villages on the slopes of Mount Etna, where you also enjoy the typical Sicilian dishes.

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Catania is the tenth-scale city in Italy, with a populace of about 300,000 inhabitants. The city is disposed on the east coast of Sicily, in the Ionian Sea, where there is also a commercial port. It is an interesting fact that in the city the highest number of professional and amateur theater companies all over Italy. Since the beginning of the 90s, it began to occur very vibrant nightlife, which gives a special charm to the city in terms of tourism. Numerous travelers visit Catania, heading to Etna. The town itself is rich with a variety of attractions, but it is also famous as the birthplace of the Mafia.

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