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Bratislava became the capital of Slovakia since 1993, after the division of Czechoslovakia into two independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The town is picturesquely placed on the River Danube at the level of 125 – 515 meters, near the border with Austria, the beautiful capital of which, Vienna, reachable only in an hour of driving from here. In recent years, the historical center of Bratislava has undergone a complete restoration and today offers panoramic views and the magnificent landscape that you can relish sitting in the bistro or in a cozy outdoor bar.


Travelers who decided to come to the European capital by air, it is expedient to choose the services of rent a car at Bratislava the airport, which is conveniently located for reaching many interesting destinations. Although it is a small airport, but it is the largest one in the Slovak Republic, and a few minutes’ drive separate it from the Presidential Palace and the city center, where the most interesting sights, including the famous Bratislava Castle.

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Bratislava International Airport is 9 km distant from the city. The railway connection is not available, but there is a very convenient bus line every 10 or 20 minutes arriving to the train station in Bratislava. The trip by car takes 15 minutes of the way. Over the last several years there has been essential increase in the flow of passengers.

No hotels at the airport, but in Bratislava are many hotels of different classes and levels. The airport terminal has a certain number of shops, cafes and bars where you can have lunch or a light snack and a cup of coffee and other beverages. There are two VIP room that can accommodate 25 and 50 people respectively. In addition, the services provided by business centers, banks, exchange offices and ATMs. If necessary, you can use the emergency room at the arrival hall. The airport is equipped with necessary facilities for people with special needs of mobility.

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