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Ankara is the modern capital of Turkey, openly looking to the future, but also having the ancient origins, confirmed by the numerous archaeological finds of the Roman period, such as the ancient citadel of Hisar. You can also visit the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and admire the findings of the Paleolithic period. The city is also rich in the multiplicity of restaurants where you can savor the traditional dishes and local wines, and for entertainment, you can perfectly relax in nightclubs and discos.

Ankara has an interesting Mausoleum of Ataturk, which is called the father of the nation, as in the 20s led the liberation movement against the Sultans. This impressive building also houses an exhibition about Turkish President’s life.

To easily navigate through the many streets of a modern capital with European charm, very reasonable is to rent a car in Ankara. For right choice rely on the extensive opportunities offered by the international company Naniko, which has a long-standing practice in the international car rental market.

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Your booking, as usual, will be confirmed within a few hours. Payment of services can be done through bank transfer or directly at the office.

If you need to make corrections to your order, please do it 48 hours before pick up a car, in which case it will not involve additional expenditure.

Along with other required documents, you must have a voucher of reservation, because this document contains an important information about your order.

Passport and driver’s license must have a shelf life of leastways one year. If your driver’s license is in a language not readable in given country, also carry one of international standard.

All our prices include a mandatory auto insurance Casco and local taxes.

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About a hundred years ago, Ankara was declared the metropolis of the Turkish state. Ankara has a populace of over four million people. Geographically, it is disposed in the center of Turkey, on the Anatolian plateau, and about 350 km separate it from Istanbul. In recent years the city had a significant grown, but in old citadel, you may find that you have made the leap into the past. Its ruins and mosques are impressive by its antiquity and architecture. Even more enjoyable can be the visit of many city parks, also the inspection of the botanical garden.

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