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Zurich, which is amongst the major stock exchanges in the world, is a very popular place both for tourists and business people. In addition, here are concentrated variety of cultures, traditions and art forms. In Zurich, you can visit the major attractions such as the Botanic Gardens, Gallery of art and the Museum of Rietberg. Botanical Garden of Zurich is very popular among tourists because here you can see a great variety of flowers and plants. Fraumünster is a beautiful temple and a fine illustration of medieval European architecture. Meanwhile, the twin towers of the Grossmünster can tell you an interesting story of a wonderful city. Zurich is also a paradise for lovers of art, due to its abundance of museums and art galleries.

Visit the city can become a unique and amazing experience, if you have in own disposition auto hired in Zurich Airport, which will provide more opportunities of studying the many tourist attractions and beautiful sceneries. After receiving your car, you can easily plunge into the study of Zurich, full of lights and technological marvels.

Enjoy the beauty of the area on auto rented from the airport of Zurich by Naniko and feel the holiday of a lifetime!

You will always be able to discover the best offers, special conditions for regular customers and occasional and seasonal discounts.

Working on the car rental market for many years, we have numerous representative offices throughout of country and around the world and are able to provide our services in all major cities, airports and railway stations.

We have no fees or hidden costs. Our prices are given taking into account insurance and taxes, and you get the millage without restriction and free road assistance.

Our fleet will offer you a broad spectrum of vehicles of different types and models, among which you will certainly be able to choose the most suitable for you.

If your plans have changed, you can avoid of any fines and easily make changes to your order or cancel it for two days before the reception of the vehicle.

Book without delay your vehicle rental from Zurich airport and do not miss the chance of super discounts by Naniko!

The civil airport serving air traffic of Zurich was named the best airport in Europe in 2005. First it was called Kloten Airport, then was renamed. Here are numerous airlines offering low cost flights on many directions, and on intercontinental routes.

The annual passenger flow is approximately 25 million. Zurich-Kloten Airport is just 10 km from the city and is an example of ultra-modern architecture/ The terminal inside is equipped with a range of essential services for the comfort of travelers.

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