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Car rent in Vienna. Information on auto rental with Naniko

Vienna is certainly among the cultural metropolises of Europe, the place of music and art, visiting of which each are filled with new and unexpected inspiration. With its picturesque bridges, crossing the Danube, Vienna itself seems that for many centuries had been played a strategic role as a bridge betwixt the East and West, between ancient and modern life, between classic elegance and modern style of design.

This unique town offers a delightful travel experience, from which you can get the best out in the presence of car rented in Vienna, thereby not limiting yourself in the movements to any desired route.

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If in your plan is to achieve the long and difficult routes, do not miss the opportunity to share the experience of driving with friends, identifying an additional driver. Do not lose sight that this option must be ordered at the signing of the lease contract in the presence of a second driver and obtain the appropriate authorization, or driving the car by another person, a part of the tenant, will be considered illegal.

Traveling on unfamiliar roads, you will helped by our accessory – GPS navigator. We offer models from the world’s leaders in the field of satellite navigation, with updated maps, easy to use and touch screen.

Among assistive devices also provided luggage baskets, ski holders, seats for children and much more.

The fuel issue is regulated in accordance with the option Full prepaid, which gives greater flexibility of your lease. Paying originally a full tank of fuel, you can immediately hit the road and return the car with an empty tank.

In the spectrum of our fleet you can pick up a vehicle of any characteristics that meet the needs of your travel style: from small and economical cars to the most spacious and comfortable minivans.

Create your trip even more pleasant and relaxing with the vehicle hired in Vienna from Naniko!

Your journey to Vienna will certainly begin with a tour through the magnificent monuments of the Austrian capital. Schönbrunn is the summer residence of the famous Empress Sissi, wife of Franz Joseph, and is an excellent illustration of the Baroque style. With the incomparable beauty differs the building of Secession with domes covered with gold leaf, the Gothic St. Stephen’s Cathedral, decorated with tall spire and the Belvedere Palace.

Finally, if you are lucky enough to get to Vienna in time for Christmas, you can take a pleasure of a stroll through the Christmas market on the square in front of the main theater of the city and the new town hall. Vienna has 8 central areas that are easy to travel by car.

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