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Valencia, being the third largest city, takes up a central disposition on the eastern coast of Spain, and is the most significant port on the Mediterranean. In Valencia, along with the artistic and cultural heritage, present innovative spirit, contributing to the rapid growth and development of the city. Here for visit and excursions are the ample opportunities of studying ancient and modern architectural gems, from the Lonja de la Seda and following to the Cathedral, passing through a great market and opening up an interesting side of urban architecture, marked by the works of architect Santiago Calatrava.

In such a vast country as Spain, the movement in major cities by public transport is not always the fastest and most efficient, so rent a car in Valencia may be the most successful option. And, of course, without an experts opinion, one can realize that it is much cheaper overall than use taxis. It is best to pre-order online via, not to waste time and effort, standing idle in a queue, or waiting for the preparation of all documents.

The most advantageous offer of auto rental in Valencia you can get from the international company Naniko!

Optimal conditions of the lease offered by our company are as follows:

Always competitive prices, comprising the cost of insurance and taxes.

Mileage without restrictions and round the clock customer support.

Free roadside assistance in case of unforeseen problems.

A variety of assistive devices for comfort and safety, among which you will discover the latest models of navigator with updated maps, children’s car seats for the height and weight of the child, luggage baskets and much more.

The range of service packages that provide you with the most suitable conditions for your needs.

With maximum comfort at affordable prices on vehicle rented in Valencia you will be provided by the company Naniko!

To the south of Valencia, nature lovers and just of a pleasant holiday, will be pleased to visit the park de la Albufera. It is also easily accessible by car to the nearby town of El Puig, where you can admire the monastery, which have a great artistic value. Located near Segorbe is the famous for demonstration of bulls and horses in the streets. Along the coast of Azahar to the north is Sagunto, with its multitudinous monuments and Burriana, which has an Arabic origin. Meanwhile, as the town of Castellón de la Plana offers beautiful views of the blue sea and the lush orange groves.

You can even get to the Balearic Islands, which are placed just 240 km from Valencia, just load up your car hired in Valencia on a ferry and visit Palma de Mallorca, Ibiza and Mahon.

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