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Rent a car in Ukraine. Auto Rental by the world-famous company Naniko

Ukraine occupies a vast area, mostly consisting of steppes and fertile lands due to the abundance of rivers that cross the country. The local climate is characterized by harsh winters in the interior regions and milder in those parts that are influenced by the Black Sea. The country’s economy is based on agriculture, but have a broad development steelmaking sectors, the automotive industry and processing of petroleum products. Main attractions and places of interest are disposed in main cities such as Kiev, Odessa, Lviv and others.

The perfect location of Ukraine promotes the development of tourism. It is the right place to discover the unique culture and surroundings, also is an appropriate starting point for the continuation of the direction of travel to neighboring countries. If you are planning this style of trip or come here on business issues, it would be wise to take care of a convenient means of travel, which is a vehicle renting in Ukraine. Having a car, you can readily plan your routes according to your wishes and time.

The company Naniko will provide you with the broad range of services for car hire in Ukraine at the preferable price!

With a vast network of offices across the country, we can provide you with the selected vehicle in any city and at the address given by you in the application form.

If your route passes along a linear path and you are not intend to return to the starting point of the trip, you can return the car to the our office nearest to the final point of your trip.

Prices are provided by us include the expenses of insurance and taxes, and will not change with any hidden costs.

To receive a car you must have a passport, valid driver’s license, the reservation voucher and credit card.

Upon receipt of the vehicle apart of the rental value should be left also a deposit as a guarantee in case of damage of auto, penalties caused by violation of traffic rules, the adjustment of the fuel issue, and more. The deposit will be refunded at the end of the lease, if all the rules of the contract will be respected.

Take advantages and the benefit of unlimited mileage from the company Naniko when hire a car in Ukraine!

If your stay in Ukraine implies a long period on business matters, we can offer a reasonable and cost-effective package of long-term lease. More and more people, whether individuals or companies choose this form of a lease with a monthly payment , which provides unlimited use of any vehicle, without the need to purchase and a one-time investment.

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