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Tirana, as the capital of Albania since 1920, offers many interesting places for tourists. In recent years, there is rapid economic development and the growth of tourist interest. Visitors are fascinated by the abundance of churches, monuments and museums, and also of vibrant nightlife. Tirana, today, among that European capitals, which express their originality and the fascination in the monuments of ancient art. An impressive Skanderbeg Square is a societal and cultural center, where once there were military parades during the communist era. The square is named in honor of a national hero who struggled against the Ottoman Empire.

Public transport is well organized in Tirana, including the network of bus lines, moving along the ring road and also in the direction of the periphery. But if there is a private means of movement, i.e. car rented in Tirana, you will much easier and more convenient reach all destinations, freely and without time restrictions will plan your routes at own discretion.

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Because of our prices are already provided with included taxes and insurance, you do not expected by any hidden expenses or extra charges for services. And the cost of additional services, what could be the accessories, additional driver, chauffeur services, or other are always listed separately.

If you are a citizen of another country and your driver’s license issued not in Latin, it is necessary to have available this document of international standard.

When a group trip, you can specify the additional driver, which should be present in person at registration of the lease agreement

When completing the application form, you can specify the place of receipt and return of the car, where it will be more beneficial to your route accordingly.

Usually we offer winter tires included with the car, but as winter devices such as ski holders, snow chains or other, must be booked and paid for separately.

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Starting a tour of the town with the famous Skanderbeg Square, you can see the Clock Tower, built in 1820, and having a height of 35 meters. You can climb to its top and enjoy from the height the spectacular views of the city. At night, the tower is illuminated and is a kind of symbol of the city.

Tirana is an important economic center with developed food industry, as well as mechanical and metallurgical industries. In addition to this the significant source of income is the textile industry, which has grown and strengthened over the recent period.

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